Rental Inspections

A rental inspection is intended to make sure the unit meets requirements for habitation as determined by the state of Maryland. It is very important that these requirements be met before you call for an inspection, as a second visit is an extra charge.

Baltimore County requires a rental inspection every three years. Look over the inspection form to ensure you are in compliance. You can refer to the map shown below.

Please download the required forms

Look over the downloaded forms carefully. Make sure all the items noted are in compliance to the best of your abilities, and then call us to make the inspection appointment. At the inspection, we will be looking at the items mentioned on the sheet for compliance, plus any other conditions which might make the rental unit unsafe for the occupants.

Important Rental Inspection Information

  • Smoke alarms must be hardwired with battery backup.
  • Smoke alarms must also be interconnected, so if one alarm rings then all the alarms do.
  • There must be a Carbon Monoxide detector installed outside of sleeping areas if the home has natural gas or oil burning appliances.
  • Make sure the Furnace and Water Heater are functional.
  • Stairs with 3 or more risers must have hand railings.
  • All sinks, showers, and tubs must have hot and cold water.
  • Toilets must be operational.