Rental Inspections

A rental inspection is intended to make sure the unit meets requirements for habitation as determined by the state, county and city. It is very important that these requirements be met before you call for an inspection, as a second visit is an extra charge.

Baltimore County and the City of Baltimore requires a rental inspection every two or three years based on certain conditions. Look over the applicable inspection form to ensure you are in compliance. Use the maps to confirm your jurisdiction.


Download the required forms for Baltimore County or City of Baltimore

Look over the downloaded forms carefully. Make sure all the items noted are in compliance to the best of your abilities, and then call us to make the inspection appointment. At the inspection, we will be looking at the items mentioned on the sheet for compliance, plus any other conditions which might make the rental unit unsafe for the occupants. The inspection shall not be construed as a home inspection as defined under Maryland law. This is a property maintenance inspection that requires as the standard the need to meet the minimum requirement of the Baltimore City or County Building, Fire, and Related Codes. The person completing this report for the property owner may not repair or recommend any person to repair any of the items listed.